Time for a break…

It’s time for Thanksgiving break.  I expect a lot of things to happen in this short period of time…more so on the lines of places where I stand with a lot of people.  Most importantly him.  I don’t know how this meeting is gonna go b|c every time I talk to him he says he’s going to fix us but I don’t think I want to fix it.  I feel like this little talk is gonna be a waste of my time.  Time that could be sent with someone I actually like.  I think that he thinks that he can fix us with money.  He keeps throwing it in my face.  Don’t get me wrong, money is great in all but that’s not how I want to form my relationship b|c at the end of the day, when the money is gone, all we have is each other.  So if we base our relationship on that, what will be left?  Now if he just had a relationship where he just gives me money just b|c, no strings attached, then I wouldn’t complain but I don’t want to be attached to someone I can’t stand to be around.  That would be so stupid of me.

I talked to my mom about it and she said to take someone with me to this talk b|c she doesn’t trust him.  She thinks he’s crazy, really.  I kinda think the same thing…we’ll see tho.  My mind is just going over what I want to say to him, what I want to do to him.  If the talk doesn’t go like I planned…I don’t know what I would do.  I need a break from him.  I need to go a long time w|o talking to him.

On to lighter news…I get to see the guys I want to spend time with.  They’re like my friends…but some of them are more.  My little Periwinkle is the one I would like to see the most.  I miss him so much.  I just smile every time I think about him…Then there’s Lamarr…Lamarr, Lamarr, Lamarr.  I just don’t know how to feel about him anymore but I will soon find out.  Last but not least, Toni.  Toni is a complicated case…he’s in a relationship.  I like him, he likes me, but I’ve managed to suppress those feelings out of respect for his girl and to protect myself from getting hurt.  Anyways this break should be good, despite anything that might happen.  I get to see old friends from my private school.  Yea, I’m gonna make the best out of this b|c it’s time for a break…


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